3lab.com Website Review & Ratings + 3lab Coupons
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3lab.com Website Review & Ratings + 3lab Coupons

3lab : Products & Services
3lab : Company Background
  • 3Lab was founded by David and Erica Chung
  • Their M cream contains stem cells from a rare variety of Swiss apple which have been shown to slow down the aging process
  • It also contains the world’s first bio engineered growth hormone
  • Their creams increase cell resiliency and growth and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines
3lab : Customer Feedback & Reviews

3Lab customers say that their products visibly improve their skin

“I received a small sample (a week's worth) with another order from DermStore and started using after reading other reviews online. I was pretty sure I wouldn't feel it was worth $250, but I figured I had to see what a $250 face cream really did. Well, I was astonished - this stuff is beyond good. From the moment you apply it, your skin gets a glow that I've only ever had when pregnant! It diminishes my wrinkles and literally changes my whole complexion. I just bought my first $250 jar and I am still in love. I use it night and day and sometimes in between for a little "pick-me-up." It really is THAT good.”


December, 2010

“I got a deluxe sample that lasted for 2 weeks, and now I'm online trying to get more. This cream is fantastic for my breakout-prone sensitive skin, and the texture is perfect -- silky, not greasy or sticky and hydrates well. I do have lines and wrinkles because of constant sun exposure, and look older than my 35+ years so I wanted something that would help with wrinkles. I've tried a lot of creams, but nothing this high-end before. It does give your complexion a luminous look, and definitely made my wrinkles look smaller. I don't believe anything could reduce wrinkles in 2 weeks so maybe it is just very good at plumping and hydrating your skin. Whatever it is, it's great. I just wish it weren't so outrageously expensive.”


Sept, 2011

3lab : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • 3Lab has been featured in the press on several occasions, in magazines such as InStyle, O Magazine, Vanity Fair and Audrey
  • Several celebrities have used their products, which are formulated to give a healthy glow to the skin
  • Blemish Balm (BB) creams have been popular in Korea for a number of years and are a staple for South Korean actresses
3lab : Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • 3Lab is ranked 1,066,287 in the world according to the traffic ranking site, Alexa
  • They have a Google page rank of four
  • Since 2000, they have made their products available to satisfied customers via their website
  • The site receives 1,032 page views per day
  • Each page on the site takes an average of two seconds to load
3lab : Social Media Presence
  • 3Lab is active on social media networks such as Twitter and FaceBook
  • They have blog on blogger which they use to share news on the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology
  • They maintain a page on Twitter which has 1,578 followers and one on FaceBook that has 852 likes
3lab : Website Security & Safety
  • 3Lab takes steps to keep your information private. These include physical and electronic measures.
  • 1 page in the site was tested using Google safe browsing over the past ninety days
  • They use SSL technology to keep their server secure
  • The site is not currently listed as suspicious
3lab : Pricing & Packages
  • 3Lab manufactures an anti-aging skin care treatment. A two ounce bottle of it costs $425. It combats facial lines and sagging
  • Their Perfect Sunscreen has SPF 55. It provides sun protection for the face and body. A two ounce tube costs $40.
  • Their Super “h” serum is proven to stop and reverse the signs of past damage on your skin. A 35 ml bottle costs $320.
3lab : Shipping Rates & Policies
  • 3Lab provides their customers with free shipping on some orders
  • On other orders, they calculate the shipping rate according to the destination and the weight of the package
  • They do not ship to destinations outside of the United States
  • Orders are sent via UPS ground or USPS parcel post
3lab : Payment Methods Accepted
  • 3Lab accepts major credit cards and collects personal information such as your email in order to track and fill your order
  • When you need to pay for eye, sun and body care treatments on their website, you can use Visa, Discover and other popular credit cards
  • If you choose, you may save your credit card information in order to expedite future purchases
3lab : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • 3Lab allows returns and exchanges if customers are dissatisfied with their products
  • You may return any item that you are not pleased with
  • Exchanges and refunds should be requested within 15 days of receiving the order
  • When the company receives your return, most credits are posted within two business days
3lab : Product images & screenshots
3lab Coupons
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